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 Soft Furnishings 

fipul products developed especially for makers of Roman Blinds:

Fibreglass with its superior properties offers interior designers and makers of roman blinds the opportunity to produce quality, great looking blinds that have excellent shape, support, memory and bottom weight allowing smooth operation.
Fibreglass with its flexibility and strength allows roman blinds to flex and bend during normal operation without breakage or permanent distortion.
Fibreglass with its durability and and long life will not rot, oxidise, corrode or stain your finished product.
Using fibreglass is both labour saving and cost effective. It is easy to work with and reduces the chance of rework than can be necessary when using alternative and inferior products

- fipul has an extensive range of sizes of fibreglass spine/rod and flat bars to suit all styles and sizes of Roman Blinds.

Cord Clip Guides

fipul cord guide clips were developed in conjunction with a number of our soft furnishing clients, who were looking for a quality and cost effective alternative to their current blind making methods.                             

fipul clips save both on time and labour, with no need for sewing or the purchase of expensive eyeleting/punching tools, they are instead easily fitted by hand.
With an excellent clipping memory, fipul clips will stay firmly in place, but are also easily removed and repositioned, without any damage being done to either the blind or the clip.               

fipul clips are designed to be unobtrusive and shaped so as to minimize the chance of being caught up or becoming tangled with the blind cord.

Injection moulded using a quality UV Stabilised Engineering Thermoplastic, fipul's clips are durable and made to last, yet unlike metal components, the clips will not corrode, rust or stain the blind. 

fipul clips are designed and manufactured to be used along with the fipul-range of fibreglass spine/rod.   

- 3 sizes of clips are available to fit fipul's 3, 4 or 5.0mm spine/rod options.


Our products combined, work well with a wide range of fabrics, linings and roman blind making styles.

Custom Plastic Injection Moulders - Composite Pultruders

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